Farming Tips


Farming Tips

Farming TipsI guess you might ask quite reasonably, what in the blazes am I doing offering farming tips on a camping site! Well quite truthfully, I simply couldn’t resist given my rural background.

It is not my intention to advise practical people:) Those who have lived and worked on the land have possibly picked up many of these tips during their life experience. Nevertheless, and as the farming tips are mostly ‘how to’ I hope you find them both useful and entertaining.

I would strongly advise anyone without experience not to start farming until they have at least four to five years on a place where farming is carried on commercially. However, many people are likely to be hobbyfarmers and the information might just prove useful. While all information does date, the principles of; innovation and resourcefulness don’t!

Build A Fence

Knife Sharpening

Erecting a Windmill

Making a Wool Table

Age of Sheep

Horse Riding

Throwing a Horse

Age of A Horse

Making a Pack Saddle

Rope Knots

Ground Level

Curing Bacon

Camping and Trapping

Tanning Skins


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