Ledge Point


Ledge Point

Ledge Point

Ledge Point Camp

Ledge Point is about one and a half hour drive north of Perth and few clicks south of Lancelin. The town evolved around the cray fishing industry and has some good beaches south of the township. It has certainly expanded since I was last here 40 years ago:)

Apparently about half of the population are holiday-makers, while more permanent residents enjoy a pretty relaxed and quiet lifestyle. There is smallish general store which provides the basics (including a bottleshop)for most occasions. A coin operated air pump, although pretty slow is at the shop to pump tyres up (which you should have deflated to around 15lbs if you were on the beach).

Ledge Point hosts the Annual Windsurfing Classic held every January, and is alleged to have world class windsurfing conditions at this time of year.

We left Perth at 5am hoping to arrive for high-tide and sun-up to make the best of our weekend fishing-camping trip. On arrival we headed straight onto the beach and let the tyres down to 15lb. Driving south along the Ledge Point beach for about 3ks we came upon a rocky headland that looked promising. Rigging up we cast in and I immediately lost two rigs between rocks and seaweed. Later back in town I recounted the story and a local grinned… , “yep that is Shitty Point”.

Ledge Point

A Mate Kicking Back

We’d missed high tide by this stage and headed back north to find a beach area without seaweed… not all that easy. Within a kilometre or so from we found a steeply inclined beach but an area where we could camp. We set up and put the lines in again. Fishing all day and into the night we caught a small trumpeter, but our real problem was casting beyond the breakers.

The steep beach meant waves were breaking 50 metres out and even with our 15 foot rods casting beyond the surf proved quite difficult and at times just impossible. By 9pm we decided to rest up with a few quiet scotches and try again at day break.


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