Lake Hart


Lake Hart

lake hart

Keeping the Flies Away

Lake Hart is about 220kms (137 miles) north of Port Augusta on the Stuart Highway heading north to Darwin. In 1918, Lake Hart was important due to the salt deposit when surveyors investigated the area. They estimated the yield as being three million tons, and  defined the lake’s area as 61 square  miles.

Lake Hart also falls on the southern perimeter of the The Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) is located in the north-west of South Australia which has an area of approximately 12.7 million hectares. The south-eastern corner of the WPA is located approximately 450 kilometres north, north-west of Adelaide. The allocation of a great part of South Australia following  WWII was Prime Minister Ben Chifley’s mandate to set aside a lot of the northern SA for the “testing of war materials”, including British long-range weapons.

lake hart

Freight Train

Nevertheless, it makes a great stop over along the Highway, particularity if you want to camp somewhere a little isolated and not concerned by not having campground facilities. There is a rest area however you can camp by yourself, just keep and eye out for tracks leading down into the bush near the railway line.

At one stage there was a deep rumble, slowly growing stronger and we got a wave from the freight train as it powered by. I sat on the edge of the salt encrusted lake and dreamed of making a sail buggy, sailing out for miles on the blinding white slat with only the sound of wind filling my mind. It would also keep the flies at bay!

If you are planning tie tie your girl to the railway tracks to get rid of at Lake Hart, make sure you are prepared to look after her and keep her hydrated as trains are infrequent!

tied on railway

Waiting for the Train


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