Fishing in Australia


Fishing in Australia

Unsurprisingly and given my early origins in the Great Victoria Desert, fishing in Australia is a relatively new pursuit for me (the last 30 years at least:) However I’m trying to make up for lost time and thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I say challenge as my fishing catches are very hit-n-miss and whilst I always seem to catch something, they are generally fairly small in size. Perhaps this says something about the state of our fishing waters, more than my skill? That excuse doesn’t stack up against the fact that I have been alongside other fishermen who have caught huge Mulloway and Salmon. I finally caught my first salmon in April of 2015, down on the mouth of the Donnelly River!

Anyway I enjoy the chase and the opportunity to spend time on the beaches or out on the water. I have perfected the art of catching herring and our family regularly enjoys pickled roll mops and fresh herring pan fired after marinating in milk and lemon.

This page contains links to some of my most memorable trips and that I have images for.

Cairns Estuary Fishing, QLD

Dalyellup, WA (Fiddler Ray off Dalyellup Beach)

Donnelly River, WA

Drone Fishing

Dunsborough, WA

Ledge Point, WA

Cervantes, WA


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