Fiddler Ray


fiddler rayFiddler Ray

When I hooked up a Fiddler ray at Dalyellup beach I thought I’d see how it cooked up. They seem to be know by a lot of names e.g. Banjo Shark, Banjo Ray, Southern Fiddler, Fiddler Ray, Dumeril’s Shovelnose-ray, Green Skate, Magpie Ray, and Paritt.

You don’t see too much about the Fiddler ray on the net and those comments you do see seem to say they are poor eating.

fiddler ray cutlets
Anyway, I bled it straight away and it was a fair bit of work skinning, cutting the tail into cutlet sized portions. Once home I soaked marinated the cutlets in milk with one lemon squeezed into the mix.

Cooking Fiddler Ray

After soaking for a couple of hours I drained the marinate off and put them on the BBQ grill, a few minutes either side until cooked. Served up with a basic salad we were very impressed with the result, great flavour and texture!

I haven’t caught or eaten one since and although tasty it seems like a lot of animal to kill for not a great deal of meat… getting soft in my old age.

bbq fiddler ray

fiddler ray


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