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Australian Camping contains information and experience gained from hundreds of camping trips over 50 years in every State in Australia. I have gathered a great deal of knowledge over the years, and thought it would be wonderful to share this with others.

Growing up on a sheep and cattle property, in the Outback of Australia, much of the early part of my life was spent in a ‘swag’ and camping out. Camping is something that our family did as part and parcel of outback Australian living in everyday life. Often when working on the property it was too far to drive home each day so we just camped out.

Camping continued as a way of life when I became a shearer, where I worked in many remote outback areas of Western Australia. The skills developed and love of the land from these formative years has never left me.

Apart from swagging it in the outback of Australia, I have toured extensively by motorcycle and four wheel drive, using camp trailers and caravans. The camping experience is not confined to vehicles, and for over a decade I tramped, camped and backpacked in Tasmania’s mountains.

Coming from the arid region of Australia, the contrasting mountains and high country of Tasmaina hold a real fascination for me. It was in Tasmania that I developed a tour guide business, guiding groups through Cradle Mountain and the Walls of Jerusalem National Parks. During this period I also ran snow survival courses, taking any opportunity to revel in the snow! However, my true camping love remains with the wide open spaces of my birthplace, the inland deserts of Australia.

I hope you enjoy Australian Camping and feel free to contact me with suggestions, or if I can help.


Steve Ewings

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