Horse Riding


Horse Riding

All the books on horse riding described below can be downloaded for free here.

Horse Riding

1. The Horseman written in 1844 by H. R. Hershberger, has over 200 pages with many illustrations. “Contains plan practical rules for riding, and hints to the reader on the selection of horses. To which is annexed a sabre exercise for mounted and dismounted service.

2. The Horsewoman A Practical Guide to Side Saddle by Alice Hayes written in 1903. Over 260 pages with dozens of illustrations and photos. “The first edition of this book was the result of seven years‟ experience of riding hundreds of horses in India, Ceylon, Egypt, China and South Africa; the most trying animals being those of which I was the rough-rider at my husband‟s horse-breaking classes. Since that edition came out, I have hunted a good deal, chiefly, in Leicestershire and Cheshire, and have taught many pupils, both of which experiences were of special advantage to me in preparing this new edition; because English ladies regard riding, principally, from a hunting point of view, and the best way to supplement one‟s education, is to try to teach. horse riding

The directions about side-saddles and seat are the outcome of practical work and fortunate opportunities; and I hope they will be as useful to my readers as they have been to my pupils. Although I have ridden, when abroad, some of the worst buckjumpers that could be found in any country, I have never “cut a voluntary,” thanks to the adoption of a seat and saddle which gave the necessary grip. Of course I have had “purls,” when horses have “come down” with me out hunting; and on one [viii]occasion in China, when a horse which I mounted for the first time, reared and came over.” horse riding

3. Modern Horsemanship: A New Method Of teaching Riding and Training by Edward Anderson in 1886. This illustrated book of over 140 pages is a wonderful treatise on riding. There “are the general principles of horsemanship, and they must be understood and practised before the rider can expect to manage his horse. In the Second Part of this work the subject of collecting will be explained in all its details ; for the present the reader will be called upon to acquire those rules only that are necessary for riding a horse broken in the usual manner.”

4. The Handbook Of Horsemanship by a Captain in the British Army in 1842. This illustrated book has over 140 pages and is a wonderful treatise on riding. “It is not the design of this concise manual of Equestrianism to encumber the reader with numerous details on the veterinary art nor with anatomical descriptions but only to supply some hints on what ought to be known by all those who use horses.”

Just General Horse Books

5. Every Owners Horse Book written in 1871 has over 590 pages with 80 illustrations covering every facet of the horse and is a comprehensive manual for any horse owner.

6. “Centaur” or The “Turn Out” by E.W. Gough written 1878. This 187 page book is a practical treatise on humane management of horses, either in saddle, harness or stable; with hints respecting the harness room and coach house.

7. The Biggle Horse Book first written by Jacob Biggle in 1894. This illustrated book of 131 pages is a “concise and practical treatise on the horse”.

8. The Practical Horse Keeper is 291 pages in length and was written by George Fleming a principal veterinary surgeon with the army in 1886.

9. The Horse: How to Buy and Sell by Peter Howden is a 131 page book written in 1882, provide points on how to distinguish a sound from an unsound horse.

10. The Harness Makers Guide was written in 1907 and is 107 pages in length with many illustrations showing the lengths for cutting and making harness, bridle work, straps and all manner of harness.


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