Cactus Beach


Cactus Beach

cactus beach

Cactus Beach 1978

Cactus Beach was a stop-over for a few days en route from Kalgoorlie to Adelaide, a round trip of 4,200 kilometers (2,600 miles) on my first ever independent road trip in 1978 at the ripe of old age of 18.

Cactus Beach is on the eastern side of the Nullarbor off the Eyre Highway, about 21 kilometers south of Penong in South Australia. Apparently  it isn’t well signposted these days, but you turn off at the Penong School and head south.  It is the best part of an hour round trip, when you know where you are going!

Nowadays many will have a GPS, however, don’t take the trip lightly if you are not familiar with the high temperatures, aridity and distances of the Australian Nullarbor.  My old XR Falcon ute had no issues, but the Holden hidden behind my the tent had the bonnet removed due to over heating issues.

The beach has become a bit of a mecca for serious surfers, and even all those years ago there were people braving the rocks and sharks to catch good waves. At that time I wasn’t a fisherman or surfer but the approach, environment, isolation and beach itself made for a wonderful couple of days.

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