walpoleWalpole is a small town about 430km south-south east of Perth and 6o odd clicks from west of Denmark. Walpole township sits on the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet and is surrounded by old Karri and the giant Tingle forests.

We stayed at the Rest Point caravan park just on the outskirts of the Walpole township. Trees on either side of the road create a feeling of returning to the bush.  As you enter the campsite, it’s clear it is being refurbished as cabins are half finished and building materials lay about however to the right is the old campsite.  With enough space to set up camp, trees give good coverage from the wind and rain.  Kookaburras attend each site, seeming to be guardians, very well fed and healthy birds.

Putting the boat into the water is easy enough however it’s advised to anchor as there are pillars on the side of the river however getting to them in a boat any bigger than ours would be an issue.

The water and weather although winter is mild and calm, making for a delightful trip out of the bay and into open waters for the first night.  Green on green and ‘you’re going up stream’, Green on red ‘seas ahead’; important things to remember as towards the ocean the terrain is rather hilly.  Heading out we had more than enough depth however within 2 seconds we hit a sand bar.

The campsite is empty for winter; it’s completely bliss, just the sound of nature as we sit around (whatever you call that firepit).  Kangaroos come to feed on the grass at dusk and then disappear again.  Strangely enough there is a complete absence of possums although there is a tree every two meters or so.

walpoleThe next morning, we pack the boat ready for a day on the water and fishing.  We wanted to travel out to sea however it becomes clear that it’s far too shallow and so we end up in the middle of the bay to set up lines, not for long though as it seems unlikely for fish to be about so we decide to head upstream.  Apart from the occasion other boat, it’s the wild, there is no other humans about.  We pass a sign that warns on obstacles and decide to head on and when we stop the boat, there is activity of fish on the banks of the river.  Putting out a rod or two it is clear after an hour that river fishing is a little bit different to sea fishing.

After three hours and even using a surf rod that was longer than the boat, not so much as a nibble so we head on back and come across a little nook in the river bend that is deep.  We get one bite however that is it between the three of us.

Although no fish are caught, the day out on the water has been pure delight, there are many different birds about and apart from the noise from the boat, you get a pure silence, no man made things it would seem for miles and nature untouched by humans. Walpole and the Nornalup Inlet is certainly a place worth visiting.


Check out the Walpole tourist web page for more information.

Rest Point Jetty


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