Build A Fence


Build A Fence

Build A FenceSo You’d Like To Build A Fence!

Firstly, work out where exactly your fence is going go, then put in a sight line and grade the area if necessary. When you are planning to build a fence, think about ground contour, erosion and the type of soil.

Using strainers put in a sight wire quite close to the ground and then lay your posts out by stepping out or measuring along the fence line. With a straight fence pressure points along the way are minimised.

Build A FenceYour posts need to be about 5 and half metres apart (18 feet), with one dropper between. Droppers if made of wood need to be about 25mm x 50mm x.8 metres (1 x 2 x 33 inches) and fence strained every 100 metres (110 yards). Diagonal stays should not be less than 4 metres (13 feet) long and at least 150mm (6 inches) in diameter at the smallest end.

If you need to dig holes to build a fence then a great tool is a post hole rammer, like the one pictured above. This packs the earth in around your posts to ensure they don’t loosen in time and fall over. You can buy crowbars with a flat circular tamping end which also work quite well. Of course many use steel post these days and all you need is post driver.

Build A FenceThe block for the foot of the stay should not be less than 460 mm (18 inches) in the ground, and have a cross piece at the back, if less than 350mm (14 inches) across. The strainer post can be mortised or scarfed to carry the stay. The barbed wire needs to be tied off or stapled to every post. Gate posts really should be 1-5-1.8 metres (5 or 6 feet) out of the ground and 90cms (3 feet) in the ground.

Wire spinning jennies are good value if you are going to do a lot of fencing. They keep the wire coil intact and help distribute the wire without it becoming a tangled mess.

Build A FenceGood fencing requires effective wire strainers for straining barbed or plain wire and trellising. Always treat wire and strainers with respect, both to prevent damage to the wire, and to ensure there is no risk to the handler or any bystanders. I personally know someone who had their eye taken out by a piece of wire whipping back. Strainers can also be used to pull out bogged cars, tree stumps etc. Enlist the help of friends to help build a fence!


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