by David J Delaney

I’m only fairly new to poetry writing, picked up a pen in December 2007, never had much of an education & am gradually coming to terms with all the styles, terminology & grammar of writing (still have trouble breaking down syllables (-: )any way here is another, inspired by my recent performance around the camp fire at Undara lava tubes.


Crystal droplets shimmer on gum leaves,
fresh smell of moisture in the air.
Life giving water absorbed by trees,
sounds of wildlife everywhere.

Possums emerge from hollow branch homes,
twitching noses acknowledge seasons change.
Free from heat they forage and roam,
noisy chattering in echoed exchange.

Kangaroos laze in morning sun,
paws that scratch and preen.
In pouches joeys suckle their Mum,
while they dine on fresh grass cuisine.

Two geckos scoot along a branch
eagerly watched by a kookaburra.
Squealing and fighting, they’re taking a chance
on becoming the kooka’s tucka!

Picturesque colours, in the vast Savannah sprawl,
stink trees, bottle trees and gums of white.
Mesmerising beauty will capture and enthral,
each time you’re on a guided hike.

Along a boardwalk where wildflowers beset,
to a platform you stand in awe.
Visiting here you will never regret,
and to all, you’ll translate for evermore.

Dwarfed in size by the huge arching shape,
Undara’s lava tubes are quite overpowering.
Through holes, vines and roots drape,
while onto the floor sun’s rays are showering.

Moving into darkness, intensifying eeriness
as voices echo, disappearing into the abyss.
Ankle deep water leaves you breathless,
hypnotised in this underground orifice.

Hard to imagine, so many years ago
mother earth was young and changing,
that Undara had a great lava flow,
leaving these tubes; so amazing.

It was a great honour to spend some time,
on the Savannah with all its brilliance.
A trip to remember for a lifetime,
I loved the Undara experience.

David J Delaney
15/07/2009 ©


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