Out For A Spin


Out For A Spin

Emily Minter and Andrew Longmire in mid-2007 packed thir motorbike into a crate and sent it from Australia across the seas. In their own words they had a brilliant ‘autumn of our lives’, chased south by the colour of the leaves in Europe, as well as a taste of the wet season, on the backroads of South East Asia. They “juiced the South American summer for all it’s worth, cramming in as many adventures as we could…”

Nervous giggling, butterflies, last-minute organising, last suppers, we´ve got all that stuff today. All our gear is packed – what little we have with us – and we are ready to head to the airport to fly to Buenos Aires. Phew, this is going to be cool!

When we left Australia a few months ago with the intention of going “out for a spin”, we knew we would start in Asia, then head to Europe. There were a variety of possibilities after that – either across Asia to India, along the length of Africa, or maybe in a westerly direction, getting home via South America …

We were helped in our decision by world politics – you know, Pakistan, Sudan, The Congo – but certainly we chose South America as much as it chose us. We know little about the place, though we’re already learning quickly from friends in Switzerland and here in Spain. The continent is new territory for both of us, and we are ready to listen, accept and learn.

As when we last departed one continent for another – and the time before that – our plans are pretty open. Our itinerary: South, then North… we´ve got a compass, but we will also be under familiar skies.

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