Old Life Dreams


Old Life Dreams

Far from the suburbs growing sprawl,
or hourly freight trains on the track.
Far from the crowded shopping mall,
and dear friends past, who won’t be back.

Far from the gangs that roam and fight,
then vandalise and cause such fear.
Far from the lines of bright street light,
and piercing sirens in one’s ear.

Far from his unit cold and dim,
he prods the campfire embers hot,
and feels that feeling deep within,
a life he thought he had forgot.

Where freedom is the stars above
or land as far as one can see.
The beauty of a new born dove,
and roam this country wild and free.

To sleep beneath an ageless gum,
next to an ancient billabong,
where lizards and the dingos come,
and kookaburras sing their song.

Where sunsets glow a purple hue,
and all the evening crickets sing.
Then prints are left on morning dew,
as in the valley bell birds ring.

The only thief here in the night,
are bandicoots or spotted quoll.
Where breezes take dead leaves in flight
and mother nature grooms one’s soul.

He’s woken by the train on track,
the clatter and the noise again.
He wishes how he could go back,
and live the way he did back then.

David J Delaney
29/05/2010 ©


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