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camping wishes

Twelve Apostles

OK so you have just won a million bucks… what are your camping wishes? We would love to hear the places, activities, events or experiences you really would like to experience in Australia.

I’ve spent a life time exploring our great continent and yet there are so many things to do and places I’d love to visit. Time and money of course curtail what we can do. BUT if you had your camping wishes what would they be?

  • Flying over Lake Eyre in flood
  • Doing the Gibb River Road
  • Visiting Uluru
  • A Kimberly fishing trip
  • Tackling the Great Central Highway in a T Model Ford

There is so such much to see in Australia and only one life-time to do it all. Make your choices carefully and try to spend a few days, preferably a few weeks at your beloved location. In a few days you cannot hope to have  a full experience. A week or so allows a glimpse into the life and environment that you will carry forever. A few months or a year and you could be wedded to the experience forever.

I really would love to hear what excites you about this great land.


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